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What!? Another Cavity? - October 5, 2017

Does it ever happen to you that you go to the dentist, they find something that needs to be done, you have it done, you feel better, but the next time you go, the dentist finds something else? And so it goes on time after time. Sort of a not so “merry” merry-go-round of ongoing diagnosis and treatment. We believe your experience can be better. Although the primary dental diseases of tooth decay (cavities) and periodontitis (gum diseases) are really not curable at this time, we can help you control the disease to minimize future damage. We want to help in establishing effective preventive habits for a life of good dental health. Please contact us with questions.

Pain with Chewing - September 28, 2017

Cracked tooth, cracked tooth syndrome, or incomplete fracture are terms used as labels for a dental condition with symptoms that can include pain with chewing and temperature sensitivity when the tooth otherwise appears to be normal. The symptoms result from the tooth being cracked, but not yet broken, so that there is a small amount of movement between the two pieces. It is difficult to know the exact location and extent of the crack, since they rarely show up on x-rays. Often we can’t determine the extent until the tooth is numbed, and we follow the crack to its end point. Consequently, the treatment and ultimate outcome depends on how far the crack extends. If the crack continues down the root of the tooth, it will likely be lost. At the other extreme, a small crack under one of the biting points could be successfully treated with a bonded restoration. If the crack extends into the nerve of the tooth, then root canal treatment followed by a crown will likely allow you to keep the tooth.


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