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Your First Visit- Comprehensive Exam

When you visit our office for the first time, we want to get to know you! Dr. Bramer will spend approximately an hour in a comprehensive exam with you and will ask you to tell him about your dental history, your overall health history, your desires for your mouth, and any concerns you may have. Each tooth in your mouth will be examined, charted, and any conditions will be recorded. X-rays and models of your teeth will also be taken at this time.
Following your visit, Dr. Bramer will review all the information he gathered and form a comprehensive plan to help you reach your oral health goals in an easy to follow, step-by-step, format.
After Dr. Bramer has prepared your treatment plan, our staff will review the findings with you in a brief appointment. The review will include Dr.Bramer's recommendations and a breakdown of costs involved.
Our new patient exam process is designed to get you started on the right path toward optimal oral and overall health. We take pride in our approach to comprehensive dentistry and look forward to serving you in our office.

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