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It is exciting to see our kids playing sports around our community!  But, it makes us shudder when we see a child take an elbow, ball or a bull’s horn to the mouth!!  Mouth guards are a simple solution to the tragedy of broken teeth or tooth loss.  “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.  Properly fitted mouth guards are recommended for all activities that require gear.  Mouth guards come in cool colors, team colors and even animal designs.  Come see us for your “COOL” mouth guard!

Another word of advice from Polly Jones, RDH

Mountain Dew Mouth

This is a condition from daily drinking of Mountain Dew.  In the Appalachia Mountains of Kentucky, Mountain Dew has been used as an anti-depressant.  Babies go to bed with bottles full of Mountain Dew, toddlers walk around with sippy cups full of Mountain Dew, Kids and teens sip on Mountain Dew at their lockers & school desks.  This results in a mouth full of decay.  Its appearance is similar to “Meth Mouth”.  The name Mountain Dew Mouth is misleading, because this condition can happen with daily consumption of  ANY soda, sports drink or sweetened coffee or tea.  Please encourage your kids and family to drink water—it’s cheaper and better for you!!

A word of advice from Polly Jones, RDH 


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